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Everett Hatch
Everett Hatch 5.0
bailee lunt
bailee lunt 5.0
Daniel Tanner
Daniel Tanner 5.0

Mathew and Carlin where fantastic. They cleaned up after themselves and provided me with extensive knowledge and information.

Ross 5.0

Carlin was prompt, provided me options, let me probe him with questions while he worked, and was fast

Kodu Slack
Kodu Slack 1.0
Diane Millman
Diane Millman 5.0
Lily Udall
Lily Udall 5.0
Allan Barr
Allan Barr 1.0

700 dollars for 45 minutes to unclog a drain I wouldn't use you guys if my live depended on it.

Dillon Fahey
Dillon Fahey 1.0

DO NOT GO HERE. They are extremely expensive and WILL rip you off. First off, they charge a $100 service fee to just go out. If you say no to their ridiculous rates, they will charge that just for coming out so they trap you (insanely shady and only they ...would do this if they knew their rates are pricey!). Once they investigate, they will give you 3 options. My drain was clogged about 60 FT, took him 30-45 minutes to snake and the bill came out to $700 FOR THE LOWEST OPTION. Asked him if that's a normal rate (as I've never called a plumber.), and he said "absolutely! I would've charged you $1,200 but I'm being nice and gave you a 10% discount!" Asked around to other local plumbers and they said I ABSOLUTELY got scammed for that amount of money. I won't name names, but they said Iron Mountain is known to do this. Maybe they were honest at one point but not in 2022. DO NOT CALL THEM. $1,400 an hour is NOT HONEST.Read More...

Lisa Montague
Lisa Montague 5.0

We had a completely stopped up kitchen sink and Iron Mountain Plumbing sent someone over the same day which was much appreciated. Dan spent time diagnosing the situation and giving us options. He did a great job and I felt I understood the process and I ...know how to maintain our new equipment. Plus he was super nice to our kid!Read More...

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